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American Roulette

American Roulette

American Roulette is a counterpart of its European cousin the European Roulette. Although in many ways it is similar to its European counterpart, the American roulette has been able to carve a niche out for itself. Just like in every roulette game, in American roulette as well, the game is won by luck. To play the game one must be familiar with the table layout & the rules of the game.

The American roulette wheel has 38 number pockets. It has an extra 00 number added to the already existing 0 to 36 numbers on the European wheel. The players bet on a specific number & then the wheel is turned. The roulette ball is tossed into the turning wheel & when the ball stops on a particular number the person who has his bets on that number wins. The number arrangement is identical so the odds of the ball stopping at a number is equal for all the numbers. The numbers of the roulette wheel are also colored in either red or black.

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Two types of bets can be placed in the American roulette – Inside betting & outside betting. Every table has a limit set on the smallest & largest amount that anybody can wager. So one has to at least place a bet which is equal to the smallest bet set on the table.