American roulette tips & rules

American roulette tips & rulesAmerican roulette today is one of the hot favorites of the roulette players. Most casinos all over the world today offers American roulette. But playing American roulette can be a little challenging compared to its European & French counterparts. So a roulette player should know the rules of American roulette clearly before he embarks upon playing the game.

The American roulette has a double zero (00) added to the roulette wheel apart from the other usual numbers (i.e. single zero & 1 through 36). The addition of the double zero impacts the chances of the player in a negative way i.e. it reduces the players’ chances of winning & doubles the house advantage to 5.26 percent.

The rules of American roulette are simple. The croupier turns the wheel & throws in the roulette ball. The players then bet on which number the ball would stop & places their betting chips accordingly. They can bet on a single or multiple numbers. They can also bet on whether the number would be odd, even, red or black. If the ball stops on the number the player has betted on, he wins.

There is no definite strategy as far as American roulette is concerned. The player himself can create a great variety of different strategies. But the most popular strategies in vogue today are the D’Alembert System, Labouchere System, Martingale betting strategy, Pyramid strategy etc. The most important thing to keep in mind while playing American roulette is the odds & the payout of the bets.