Best Asian casinos for roulette

Best Asian casinos for rouletteGambling has become very popular in Asia just like every other continent of the world. That is why Asia today has some of the best casinos that anyone would come across anywhere. The game of roulette is particularly popular in all these casinos. So here we will give you a sneak-peek into some of the best roulette casinos that operate in Asia.

1) Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel Continental: This hotel cum casino is located in Seoul, South Korea on the same land where once the A-cha fortress was situated. The casino is excellent & offers the players plenty of slot machines & table games. Roulette is one of the popular games in this casino. Apart from the casino the hotel also boasts of a bar, tennis court, lounge, fitness centre & a spa. Western players won’t have any difficulty playing here since English is also spoken here with Korean.

2) Riveria Yousang: This also an excellent casino for roulette players. Apart from roulette baccarat, tai-sai & poker is also played here. The players can take part in both high & low end games. English is spoken here fluently so western players won’t find any difficulty in communicating.

3) Manadir Oriental, Macao: This is an excellent place for both roulette lovers & sports fans alike. Apart from a great casino the place offers areas for playing squash, tennis & also a pool for swimming enthusiasts.

4) Hotel Lisbon & Casino: located in Macao this is a very good place for roulette lovers in Asia. Apart from roulette the place offers blackjack, tai-sai, craps, pacapio etc.

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