Best roulette casinos in California

There are many roulette players living in California. So for their convenience we have decided to list out a few of the best roulette playing venues in California.

1) Harrahs: Harrahs offer players many table & slot games & their numbers are in the thousands. Roulette is amongst the most popular games played in Harrahs. But the letdown is that Harrahs offer a roulette which is different from other forms of roulette that people are mostly familiar with. It also has a different name there. At Harrahs roulette is called Volcanic Roulette. It is so because of the stringent & at times archaic gambling laws that govern the state’s gambling scenario. But even with that handicap Harrahs is one of the best roulette playing casinos in California.

2) Barona Valley Ranch Resort & casino: Barona Valley offers players to play in a European style single 0 roulette wheel. Therefore it increases the players’ chances of winning the bet. It has also included the unique method of card play to decide the winner since in California the casinos must utilize more than a wheel & a ball to decide a winner according to the laws. They use a 37 deck card which is numbered from 0 to 37. The croupier deals 3 cards from the deck & places them in 3 different parts of the table. These parts, called regions, are divided into 3 sections – 0 to 12, 13 to 24 & 25 to 36. After the ball stops on a number, depending on the range the number is in, that particular card is filled over to decide the winner. Beside a great casino the Barona Valley Ranch & Resort has a 18 hole golf course, 400 luxury rooms & suits, spa, restaurants etc.

3) Pechanga Resort & Casino: This is a relatively new resort & casino in California. The size of this casino is about 188,000 square feet. They offer 2000 slot machines & 100 tables to the players. Roulette is one of the most popular games on offer at this casino. Even though it is new Pechanga offers one of the best roulette casinos in California today.