Facts about Lucky roulette numbers

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Roulette is a game of guessing the correct numbers where you think the ball would land after the spinning wheel halts. If a number that you have chosen lands exactly in the same numbered pockets of the spinning wheel, of course it would prove to be lucky for you, but maybe just for that particular day, and that particular bet. You would never know what the next bet holds for you, because in the game of roulette, the winning factor is dependent on luck. Most people use birthdays of their own or their loved ones as their lucky number to bet on. There are others for who 13 proves to be lucky constantly, therefore they choose 13 as their lucky number even though it is actually the number of the devil and is said to bring bad luck to many.

Number 7 is believed to carry some amount of mystery by itself, whereas number 8 is said to be the sign of eternity and so is number 9 which is said to be a fortunate one. Whichever number you choose to place your bet on, and whatever beliefs you may have attached to those particular number, there is no such thing as Lucky Roulette Numbers that can guarantee you to win the bet. You can also use Lucky Number generator software available on the internet that could help you get a few lucky numbers for yourself to bet on. You will have to use that software by putting in some required information about yourself like your age, sex, birth date, name etc. And the machine would generate a few numbers that could prove lucky for you while playing roulette.

My 5 Lucky Numbers are : 7 , 12, 19, 22, 31.