iDeal Roulette

Welcome to the iDeal Roulette page. The best place to know about the iDeal payment system & to find casinos which support the iDeal payment system. iDeal is an extremely safe & secure network to transfer money to the various online casinos out there. It is both hassle free & secure.

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About iDeal

iDeal is a Netherland based company that offers internet funding options for e-commerce. This online funding option has been in existence since 2005 & has been witnessing a tremendous increase in popularity ever since. Millions of transactions go through iDeal every year including online gambling. In 2009 alone iDeal saw a record number of 45.5 million transfers taking place. iDeal today is trusted by many for doing their online transaction. Some of the biggest names in online casinos support iDeal viz. 888 Casino, Europa, VegasRed, Casino Del Rio etc. Getting started with iDeal is really easy. With its high-tech security features iDeal today is a name to reckon with in the field of online money transfer.