Online Roulette Glossary

Online Roulette Glossary

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, and one of the reasons is that it provides players with the same chances of winning regardless of experience. While luck is all it takes to be a successful roulette player, it surely helps to know some of the most used Roulette terminology. This kind of knowledge is particularly useful in land-based casinos, where the action is intense around the roulette wheel and you need to know exactly what each term means, to act quickly and appropriately.

The American and European wheels are two terms describing different types of roulettes, with the difference being made by the number of zeros on the wheel. The European version has numbers ranging from 1 to 36 and one 0, while the American version adds an additional slot of 00.

Red and Black are the colors of the numbers on the roulette wheel, so a bet on Red is a winner if the ball lands on a red number. Conversely, a black bet will trigger the release of payment if the ball lands on a black number.

An Action Player is someone who spends a lot of time playing roulette and keeps wagering high amounts

The Bankroll is the total sum of money that a player has to wager at the roulette table

Block Betting is the strategy in which players bet on the numbers corresponding to a specific section.

Capping the bet, means to add additional chips after the ball has already landed on a slot

A Cold Table is a roulette table where players keep losing

The Column Bet is the bet made on 12 numbers corresponding to one of the three columns on the wheel.

A Combination Bet means that the same chips are used to wager on several numbers at once.

The Corner Bet is made when the same chips are placed at the crossroads of four numbers

The Coup is that move when the player wagers for his money on a single spin of the roulette

Croupiers are those casino employees who spin the ball on the roulette table

Double Zero is the wager made on the 00 slot and awards the same payouts as any number bet

The Dozen Bet is similar to the column bet, but the difference resides in the fact that it is placed on numbers ranging from 1 to 12, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36.

A rule present only in French roulette is En Prison Rule and it can apply solely to outside bets after the ball lands on either 0 or 00. The player has to decide between saving half the amount or let the entire wager be determined by the outcome of the next spin. Very few online casinos offer it, because it further decreases the house edge and greatly benefits the player.

An Even Bet is the wager made on even numbers, while the Odd Bet is the exact opposite and triggers payouts when the ball lands on a number.

The Five Number Bet is made on numbers including 0-00-1-2-3 but carries a high house edge

A Flat Bettor is the player that keeps wagering the same amount on every spin

The Martingale System is a roulette strategy that involves the doubling up of wagers after each losing spin. The benefits are that in theory you can’t lose as the first win will offset all previous losses, but the downside is that a lengthy losing streak will cause you to hit the roulette cap.

Green Numbers are the 0 and 00, which are always placed on green slots

The High Bet is the one made on numbers ranging from 19 to 36, while the low bet is made on numbers starting from 1 and ending with 18.

A High Roller is a roulette player who wagers large amounts

The house edge is the advantage that the casino has on each bet.

An Inside Bet is the wager placed on numbers inside the layout, while the Outside Bet is the one made on anything else but a certain number. Odd, even, red, black, low and high wagers are all outside bets, but there are many more that fall into the same category.

A Line Bet is a wager placed on six neighboring numbers

The two numbers contiguous to the winning one are called Neighbors

Past posting is the action of placing a wager after the ball has landed on a number.

The Press or Parlay is the type of bet when players decide to invest all their winnings on the next roulette spin.

A Run is a lengthy winning or losing streak, and it is associated with a string of events that are in disaccord with odds and probabilities.

The Session is the period of time someone spends playing roulette

A Single Bet also known as Straight Bet or Straight-up Bet is the wager placed on just one number, and it is the one offering the highest payouts while having the lowest chances.

The Six Number Bet is similar to the five number bet, but in this case the players can wager on any combination of 6 numbers

Slots are all the spaces existing on the roulette wheel, colored in red, black or green and each featuring different numbers.

A Split Bet is a wager placed on to neighboring numbers.

The Square Bet is also known as Quarter Bet and it stands for those bets made on four numbers that form a square.

A Street Bet is the wager placed on a string of three numbers

The Toke is basically a tip awarded by the player to croupiers after winning a hand.

The Trio Bet represents a wager placed on three numbers

Those chips used solely at roulette tables are known as Wheel Checks and they are worthless at any other table where casino games are played.

A Zero Bet is the wager made on 0 and it awards the same payouts as any other straight up bet.