Law of Thirds Roulette system is for savvy players

Law of Thirds Roulette systemAdvanced roulette players should check out the Law of Thirds Roulette System

The Law of Thirds Roulette strategy is basically an improved version of the Dozens and Columns strategy but the differences make it more complicated. Given the fact that these two systems are similar up to a point, beginners are advised to start with the former and make the transition to the Law of Thirds Roulette system only after they gain some experience.

Apparent contradictions of the Law of Thirds system

When playing the Law of Thirds Roulette, you are betting on two thirds of numbers which means that the chance of the ball landing on the chosen numbers is 66%. The profits are not massive when this event occurs, but they have the potential of mounting if you spend enough time at the roulette table. Players need to keep track of the hot numbers and notice to what dozens of columns they belong to, then bet on the opposite.

In theory they columns and dozens should even out eventually, so they are simply waiting for things to return to normal which is in stark contradiction to the other rule of the Law of Thirds Roulette system. Whenever the ball lands often on a number that belongs to 2 groups, players should start betting on both the column and dozen. It is essential to play on a European roulette because it has a single zero compared to the American one, and keep the initial wages low until you master the concepts behind this strategy.

Too much freedom can hurt you

One of the biggest flaws of the Law of Thirds Roulette system as far as beginners are concerned is that it has no predetermined amounts that need to be wagered and no clear pattern. Given the fact that each spin has a 66% of producing a winner, it is not very risky to increase the bets after a lose but turning it into a Martingale is not a wise decision. The reason is that you need to invest a lot of money in a short sequence and there is a big risk of hitting the roulette cap soon.

The bets are placed on both dozens and columns and it is recommended to make two wagers in the same group to maximize your wins if the ball lands there. As more numbers accumulate it is increasingly difficult to keep track of all and make the connection to the dozens or columns they belong too. Those who catch a lucky streak in the early stage of the Law of Thirds Roulette system, should quit while they are ahead and start it all over again in a new session.