Playtech Roulette Games

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Playtech Roulette GamesThe online environment is populated by hundreds of casinos that promise to offer their members the ultimate gaming experience. Many of those who prefer them to traditional casinos, know that they are only as good as the software powering video games, which explains why many place the emphasis on the software developers.

Among the major players, Playtech is the one leading the pack in terms of both diversity and consistency because their games are present in some of the most respectable casinos.

When it comes to roulette you might think that it is the kind of game that requires only luck and the software developer has little contribution to improving the gaming experience. In theory, a player who knows how to play the numbers or is incredibly lucky will pay little attention to the visual and sound effects, because money is all that matters. Fortunately Playtech didn’t share this false idea and continues to innovate in all casino games that it creates, including different variants of roulette.

Playtech American and European roulette

Players should be aware that Playtech is powering both American and European roulette for the casinos that belong to their network. The difference between these two types of roulettes resides in the fact that the American one has an additional green slot featuring two zeros. The downside should be obvious because players have one more chance to go bust on even bets, dozens and columns, but somehow the American roulette is still widely popular over the Internet.

Regardless of where they position themselves towards American and European roulette, players admit the fact that Playtech has some of the most exciting games of both types. The roulette table looks lovely, with vivid colors and gorgeous animations, while the special features such as the auto spin are aimed at simplifying the player’s mission. Many high rollers don’t have the patience to wait for the computer to display the numbers and then manually place the bets again, so they are thrilled with this feature.

Trying to list all the Playtech casinos out there would be a chore, but names such as Bet365, Winner Casino, Betfair, Everest, Gala Casino and William Hill Casino are some of the notable mentions.

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