Popular Roulette Systems

Popular Roulette SystemsToday roulette systems have become a popular way of playing roulette. There are many popular roulette systems doing rounds. Here we are going to discuss some of the popular roulette systems. Roulette systems have been designed for beating the house edge & improve the player’s chances of winning. Most of the popular roulette systems today rely on some form of progression system while others depend on non-progression system. Both the systems have their pros & cons.

Progression systems are designed in two ways – Positive progression system & negative progression system. In positive progression the player places a larger bet with the money he has already won from the previous bet to win a bigger amount. But in this roulette system the player also runs the risk of losing all his money with just one loss. In negative progression the player increases his bet after every loss. This way the player stands a chance of going home even if he started out bad. But for this to happen the player must have a pretty big bankroll. But these days casinos have become aware of all the popular roulette systems in place & they are taking necessary countermeasures for them.