Reverse Fibonacci Roulette System

Reverse Fibonacci Roulette SystemAbout Reverse Fibonacci Roulette strategy

You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand how the Reverse Fibonacci Roulette works, despite the fact that it is based on the sequence of number discovered by one. The idea behind this string is that each number represents the sum of the previous ones, and this is in fact the way the wagering pattern is created for the original Fibonacci roulette strategy. Those who prefer to use the reverse version, don’t need to make significant adjustments but only use the betting pattern for winning streaks.

How it works?

A quick look at the Fibonacci sequence will show that it looks like 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55 and the streak continues indefinitely. You don’t even need to remember anything, because a simple calculation done while playing the roulette is enough to use the strategy successful. Players need to choose a unit and start by using it for the first wager and keep doing so until they win for the first time.

When this happens, they start using the Fibonacci string throughout their winning streak, until they win an amount that they regard as reasonable. Whether this happens, or they lose a bet, the Reverse Fibonacci Roulette compels them to return two steps and continue the progression.

Does it worth something?

The original Fibonacci strategy is one of the best loss limiting progressive strategies for roulette, and the reverse conversion can also deliver positive results. It won’t help players win back the amount lost during lengthy losing streaks, but they won’t have much to recuperate either because a single unit is invested each time they lose. On the other hand a winning streak can be extremely profitable because the progression is just steep enough to generate large wins if the streaks lasts long enough.

This is where the problems begin as well, because like any positive progressive strategy, the Reverse Fibonacci Roulette can fail due to human nature. When roulette players feel that they are riding a hot streak, they are reluctant to put an end to it and return to the initial unit wager. Since there is no predetermined limit which should trigger the end of the Fibonacci sequence when winning, many players find themselves betting increasingly more until they lose everything. You need self-control and a firm understanding on how the strategy works, to know when to call it a day and cash in your winnings.