Reverse Martingale System

Reverse Martingale System or Paroli StrategyAbout Reverse Martingale System strategy

The name is pretty intuitive and it comes as no surprise that the reverse martingale system is also known as the anti-martingale or the Paroli strategy. It is used by players who are looking for straightforward strategies, but don’t like the idea of chasing losses or investing large amounts for the sake of winning a few units. This is a positive progression system, that is suitable for those who are risk-averse and don’t have a large bankroll to fund their roulette expenses. The wagering progression is easy to follow and it revolves around the concept of increasing the bets when winning instead of losing

How it works?

When using the reverse martingale system or the Paroli, players are using the same betting progression only they double the wager after winning a bet. The idea is to ride hot streaks and extract the maximum profit from them, while losing the smallest amount possible during losing streaks. The player starts by wagering one unit and when he wins he bets 2-4-8-16 and so on until he is satisfied with the profits made and calls it a day. Players have to set strict limits for themselves and quitting points, so that they don’t let enthusiasm cloud their judgment and eventually lose everything they’ve accomplished.

Does it worth something?

The best thing about the reverse martingale strategy is that it gives players the chance to enjoy their roulette experience. You don’t have to focus on the numbers drawn or make complicated calculations, but stick to even bets that pay 1:1 while doubling the stakes each time you win. There is no risk of losing significant amounts, because if you are out of luck it took a long time to lose the entire bankroll by betting a single unit at the time.

On the bad side, the reverse martingale strategy is not suitable for those who don’t have good control over their actions, and let profits sweep them off their feet. Most players end up losing their money because they don’t know when to stop during winning streaks, and push their luck too much. The ideal way of using this system is by setting a quitting point after three or four consecutive winning spins, so that you bank your profits instead of risking them. In theory this is a good strategy, but the greatest risk of it is human nature and the roulette player’s innate greed.