Roulette Online with Moneta

Play Roulette Online with MonetaA popular misconception is that in order to play roulette online with Moneta you need to be Russian or at least have the residence in the Russian Federation. The reason for why many people think that this is true, is that this payment method was originally used in Russia and gradually expanding beyond borders. Just as any other electronic wallet, Moneta is available to customers from all over the world and aims to gain more popularity on a global scale.

The only downside of not being a Russian or using their currency is that players have to pay a fee when they recharge their account. Fortunately the amount is insignificant and in the long run the savings made by using this e-wallet greatly exceed the downsides. Initially merchants were reluctant to accept payment systems that emerged in Russia, but Moneta proved to be a serious contender in this industry and it is now accepted in most online retails.

As always, online casinos were among the first to embrace Moneta because they realized that their customers in general and roulette players in particular love this system. Whether they are high rollers or prefer to play on modest amounts, players are always excited to know that they have a way of funding their account in a matter of seconds. The online casinos are equally happy, because the need of adding more funds is usually the result of the player losing money while playing roulette.

The bottom line is that everybody wins and whether the house makes a profit or the player recovers his losses and gets back on track, Moneta works flawlessly. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that it is a Russian product, because the customer support is always available to discuss with clients and they offer support in various languages.

It is hard to believe that experienced roulette players will need assistance with setting up an account and registering, but in the unlikely event that they do it will be granted immediately. From a small payment solution used for utility bills and gaming expenses, Moneta grew into a fully fledged electronic wallet that rivals the biggest players in this industry. Club777, Carbon, Mansion Casino and 21Nova Casino are among the ones currently accepting Moneta.

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