Roulette Strategy #6

Roulette Strategy #6Keep a close watch on the last few spins of the game, and the numbers that have come up in the recent spins. This will give you a brief idea in determining the probability of a certain colored number coming up in the next round. Hence it would be a hint for you to bet on a certain number or a certain color. For Ex- if in the past few spins the ball has constantly landed on numbers belonging to the red block than, it would be a sign for you to now place your bet on a number belonging to the black block, as there may be more chances of it coming up in the next round as compared to red ones. You also need to have a close watch on the numbers on which the roulette ball lands on the most. These numbers may either be very favorable to place your bet on, or may also be risky at the same time. In any ways, playing the game on a certain table for a longer time, will subsequently give you the required knowledge on the tricks of the game.