Labouchere roulette system

The Labouchere roulette system
The Labouchere roulette system
Enjoy more freedom when playing roulette with the Labouchere system

The Labouchere roulette system was created by a British writer who lived in the 19th century and since then, it remained virtually unchanged. It can be successfully used for other casino games and it is also known as the Cancellation System, Split Martingale or Cross Out System. This is not a roulette strategy suited for beginners, due to the fact that it requires more funds and enough experience to know how to choose the series of numbers

How the Labouchere roulette system works

This strategy works very well online because players need to write down a string of numbers which if summed up would total the amount the player intends to win. From the beginning it is obvious that you are in complete control over what series of numbers you choose, but the trick is to minimize your wagers. A series of 1-1-1-3-4-5 is less risky than one that goes like this 1-2-3-4-5-6 because the initial bets are kept at a lower value and loses will not pile up so quickly.

After writing down this string of numbers, all you need to do is to sum up the first number and the last one, which are also known as outside numbers. When you win, the two numbers are scratched off the list and the next bet will represent the sum of the next outside numbers, with the cycle restarting after each winning round. If you lose, the amount lost is converted into another number which is added at the end of the sequence and becomes an outside number itself.

Stick to a short list of numbers

In addition to choosing relatively low numbers when creating a string, it is essential not to overextend it because this could trigger a series of consequences. If you win, you will be stuck with the system for longer than you need and risk to offset those profits during a relatively short losing streak. When you lose, the numbers added are increasingly high which means that your bankroll is under a lot of pressure.

Assuming you chose the safer sequence of 1-1-1-3-4-5, the first bet will be 1+5 and if it is a winner both numbers are removed and the next wager will be 1+4. In theory the system can end in this case after only three successful rounds and if this happens, players can choose to start it all over again or quit while they are ahead. The reason it is wise to start a sequence with 1-1-1 or choose a string that has the highest digits in the middle is to keep initial loses low if they occur. The Labouchere roulette strategy is not meant to be a loss chasing system and such short sequences of numbers keep it profitable.