Super Martingale System

Super Martingale SystemAbout Super Martingale strategy

Any roulette player is familiar with the Martingale system, which is basically a loss limiting progressive system that is aimed at keeping players profitable during lengthy losing streaks. It was developed two centuries ago and used ever since by roulette players, who regard it as a guaranteed win system and also a very easy to learn. The Super Martingale is very similar to the original, with the exception that the wagers are not simply doubled by an additional unit that is added into the mix.

How it works?

If the Super Martingale system wouldn’t be as easy to use as it is, it would have probably died out long before but because of its simplicity it endured. The idea is to wager a unit on events that have a payout of 1 to 1 each time you win and when you suffer a loss double the stakes while adding an additional unit. By doing so, a player will eventually get all his money back and make consistent profits, as long as the losing streak is not extremely long and he has the budget to withstand it.

The string of numbers goes like this 1-3-7-15-31-63-127-255-511 and so on until the losing streak ends and the player returns to the origin of stake of one unit. With the Super Martingale system, it is very important to bet a small amount in the beginning, so that you can afford to double the wager for as long as it takes. Equally important is for the roulette to have a high limit, so you won’t hit it before you actually gain back all your losses.

Does it worth something?

The Martingale strategy looks great on paper, but unfortunately it is one of the most dangerous systems out there and many roulette players succumb to the risks it incurs. The Super Martingale is even riskier, because losing 10 times in a row will usually mean that players hit the roulette cap and are unable to double up the stakes anymore.

Another serious peril for those who trust the Super Martingale system is that the aggressive progression makes the string of bets unsustainable. Those who don’t have enough money to keep doubling the stakes for more than 10 times, are basically waiting for an inevitable disaster. There are definitely upsides to the martingale system such as simplicity, but following it will not keep you profitable on the long run.