Take your chances with the Lucky Number system

Any number will eventually be fortunate with the Lucky Number roulette system

Lucky-Number-roulette-systemWhether they play the roulette or not, people have lucky or favorite numbers and when they are presented with an opportunity to put their theory to the test, they don’t hesitate. If you are playing the roulette for fun and prefer to let luck decide the outcome instead of intricate strategies, the Lucky Number roulette system will help you get the best of both worlds. The system itself doesn’t claim to be flawless, but it provides a betting pattern that is easy to master and delivers excellent results in exchange for higher risks.

How does the Lucky Number roulette system work?

The rules of this system couldn’t possibly be easier, as players are advised to bet one unit on their favorite number for ten times in a row. If they win during this interval, they return to the original bet and the cycle restarts, otherwise they double the amount. Once again, they bet for ten consecutive rounds on the chosen number and return to one unit if they win, or begin a new series of 10, this time with a wager of 3 units. In theory the Lucky Number roulette system can go on forever, as long as the player has enough funds left.

If the chosen number is drawn over the first ten betting rounds the profit will be at least 25 units, if the ball lands on it over the next ten, the profits will be about 40 or more. The rate grows steadily but eventually the player will make a profit of more than 40 units, so the only challenge is to afford this progression without hitting the roulette cap either. The similarities with a Martingale system are considerable, but the Lucky Number roulette system is aimed at maximizing the profits instead of chasing losses.

Facts about lucky numbers

You would never know what the next bet holds for you, because in the game of roulette, the winning factor is dependent on luck. Most people use birthdays of their own or their loved ones as their lucky number to bet on. There are others for who 13 proves to be lucky constantly, therefore they choose 13 as their lucky number even though it is actually the number of the devil and is said to bring bad luck to many.

Number 7 is believed to carry some amount of mystery by itself, whereas number 8 is said to be the sign of eternity and so is number 9 which is said to be a fortunate one. Whichever number you choose to place your bet on, and whatever beliefs you may have attached to those particular number, there is no such thing as Lucky Roulette Numbers that can guarantee you to win the bet. You can also use Lucky Number generator software available on the internet that could help you get a few lucky numbers for yourself to bet on. You will have to use that software by putting in some required information about yourself like your age, sex, birth date, name etc. And the machine would generate a few numbers that could prove lucky for you while playing roulette.

Adjust the Lucky Number system to your bankroll

When playing this system, you should make sure you choose a European roulette because it has a single zero and also one that has a higher table limit. Starting with low stakes is very important, because the chance of your number to be drawn is low and a losing streak can last a long time. Those who have a lower bankroll or don’t like their chances, can bet the same unit for 20 rounds and settle for lower profits.

While doing so, many players prefer to use this system in conjunction with a more traditional one such as the D’Alembert or Paroli. The reason is that betting on the same number, being it a lucky one, is boring and when the losing streak is longer than expected, frustration mounts. You still need to be lucky to beat the odds, but at least with the Lucky Number roulette system you have a betting pattern that’s sustainable.

A Beginner’s Guide to win Real Money

Roulette games symbolize one of the best and most commonly played games at every casino, virtual or online. This is because it is very simple to understand the basic rules of the game and play accordingly. All you need to do is pick your choice of a favorite number and go ahead with the game. Even though this game is fairly simple to understand a beginner has to keep certain points in mind if he is looking out to win Roulette Real Money.

Always keep your head in the game, and do not lose focus anytime during the game. This normally happens when a beginner starts off with a winning spree. It is also easy for most to get carried away and higher the bids each time they win, which is the most commonly made mistake by gamblers. One has to know when to stop bidding take the winning amount and leave. The more you play, the higher you will have to continue bidding, which simultaneous increases the risk of losing all that you have won. Hence it is very important to know when to stop.
It is also essential that a beginner understands the game strategies before venturing into the actual game of roulette for real money. This can be done by referring various roulette guides available on this website.

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