Take your time to master the Whittacker system

Take your time to master the Whittacker systemDon’t let the steep learning curve of the Whittacker Roulette System intimidate you

Most roulette strategies will use a positive progressive system, but this is not the case with the Whittacker strategy. Instead of betting more when you win, the stakes increase during losing streaks with the intention of regaining your losses and turning a losing session into a profitable one. Just like the martingale, the goal is to win just enough to offset consecutive losses but unlike the aforesaid system, this one is slightly more difficult.

Learn the Whittacker system sequence

Knowing that the amounts wagered are increasingly high during losing streaks is important but not enough, because players need to learn which sequence applies to the Whittacker system. The string of numbers is in fact the Fibonacci sequence, which means that the wagers will follow this progression 1-1-2-3-5-6-13. Each number represents the sum of the previous two, so players need to make the minimal effort of remembering how much they bet in the last two rounds.

Depending on how long a losing streak lasts, you might need to bet as much as 13 or 21 units, which explains why it is so important to keep the initial bet low. Just as important is for the roulette limit to be high enough to accommodate such a steep progression, and naturally you wouldn’t want your chances hampered by an additional zero slot. Sticking with even bets on the European roulette is the way to go, because the amounts wagered are high enough to bring you back on track, so it’s not worth risking more.

A slightly different approach when winning

In most cases a roulette strategy implies the fact that players will return to their original bet after the winning or losing streak ends, depending on whether it is a negative or positive progressive strategy. The Whittacker system is slightly different, because after ending a losing streak players lower their bet to the previous amount. Instead of wagering one unit, they simply make one step backwards, so that the potential for high winnings is greatly increased.

When using the Whittacker system you can expect to make a lot of money in a single session, but unless you have a decent bankroll and the roulette limit is high you will be threading on thin ice. It is important to set milestones well before you sit down and start playing roulette, so that you know when to quit and never let enthusiasm cloud your reason. Sometimes players struggle for hours to return to their original bankroll, other times they start firing on all cylinders from spin one. By not lingering longer than needed and trying to extract too much from a winning streak, they make the most of the Whittacker system.

Best Online Payout

Everyone plays in roulette online casinos for many reasons. But the biggest reason of them all is the desire of taking home a large sum of money. Different gambling establishments operate different payout rules. So let’s talk about the way the payouts are calculated. If a casino has a general payout of 98.2 percent it means 98.2 percent of all the money that is wagered within the casino is given back to the players who wins. So the casino keeps 1.8 percent of the money to itself.

Online casinos also get their payouts audited by an auditor with no connection with the casino in order to have self regulation. Online casinos use arbitrary quantity generators (RNG) in all their games. The RNG operates through a supply code that is embedded in the software. If the code is anyway tampered with then it will be easily detected through an audit. So using this system is both safe & secure. But for a player, before he starts gambling he should weigh his priorities first & it begins with choosing the right online casino. Because one should always keep in mind that he is taking a risk after all by putting his money on online gambling.