The Top 10 Roulette Tips

The Top 10 Roulette TipsRoulette can be played by betting a certain amount of bankroll on certain odd or even set of numbers in specific columns. Whether playing online or at a casino establishment, one has to be very careful about certain tips which could prove to be very beneficial in playing the game of roulette.
Let us take a look at a few Roulette Tips that could be very helpful during the game:

Tip 1 – Before signing up on an online casino website or an actual casino establishment for playing roulette or any casino games, it would be absolutely recommended that you check the authenticity of that place. Many casino websites and establishments are found to be in the business of fraudulent operations, and you would definitely not want to be a victim of the same. Hence it is very important for you to find out through public reviews and feedbacks, as well as through gathering all the website information just to make sure that the source that you are about to choose for indulging in playing the game of roulette is not a scam. Make sure that whichever medium you choose for playing roulette, is certified and licensed for a safer gambling experience.

Tip 2 – Secondly you will also have to pre-determine the budget within which you are going to play roulette. Thinking about the budget before hand will make sure that you do not get carried away with emotions, during the play and simultaneously do not lose more money on the game than you make. Roulette is a game purely based on luck, if luck favors, you can attain several big wins in a day, and also lose all of it at times. Hence being sure about the amount that you will be spending on the game of roulette, before even you enter the casino will help you a lot in terms of keeping a hold on the amount of money being utilized for the game , and thereby save you from suffering major losses.

Tip 3 – You will also have to check the payout percentage of the roulette website or the casino that you have chosen to play the game. Different casinos and different casino websites offer different levels of payouts for roulette games; hence after a thorough research you will be able to come across a website that has the maximum payout, or a casino that has the best payout percentage level. Doing this will prove to be very beneficial for you, because an appropriate choice of casino with highest payout rate, the higher will be the chances of increasing your winning potential. Hence make a wise decision on this.

Tip 4 – Whether online or in a casino establishment, always try to play the European version of roulette, instead of the American Version. This is because the European version has a much lower house edge of 2.63% than the American version with 5.26 % in roulette. Simultaneously the European version will also offer additional benefits in the game like the “In Prison” or “la Part age” rules which gives you less risks to be taken , thereby indirectly giving you more chances of winning. The American version does not include these two rules, and is a bit rigid in its rules and regulations for the game as compared to the other versions.

Tip 5 – Every table in a casino has a certain betting limit. You may come across many tables having various betting limits from lower to higher, in one single casino. Hence you have to be very careful in choosing a table that has a limit which suits your capacity of spending. Never go for a table that expects you to bet higher if you do not have the required resources for the same. This is a bad gambling behavior, and may lose you all your goodwill and money at the same time. Although a table with high betting limit may give you the opportunity to win a higher prize amount, but there will be no guarantees for the same. Hence it is better to be safe, and play more on the lower limit tables, especially if you are a beginner or an inexperienced one at the same, it is always advisable to begin with a lower limit table first.

Tip 6 – Another important tip for playing roulette is to keep a close watch on the last few spins of the game, and the numbers that have come up in the recent spins. This will give you a brief idea in determining the probability of a certain colored number coming up in the next round. Hence it would be a hint for you to bet on a certain number or a certain color. For Ex- if in the past few spins the ball has constantly landed on numbers belonging to the red block than , it would be a sign for you to now place your bet on a number belonging to the black block, as there may be more chances of it coming up in the next round as compared to red ones. You also need to have a close watch on the numbers on which the roulette ball lands on the most. These numbers may either be very favorable to place your bet on, or may also be risky at the same time. In any ways, playing the game on a certain table for a longer time, will subsequently give you the required knowledge on the tricks of the game.

Tip 7 – Keep betting on a variety of numbers and not on the same ones, just because you consider them to be your favorite or lucky numbers. Some people use the help of horoscopes, astrology and numerology for choosing their numbers to bet on. Although this technique may have proven to be very effective for some of the gamblers in the past, but it is definitely not a practical way to play the game. The more variations you keep bringing to the game, in choosing different numbers each time, the more chances you have to win the next round. Roulette games are purely based on luck, hence all you can do is hope to win, and play the game correctly by following all the rules properly.

Tip 8 – Most gambling games are to be played in a specific pattern, which needs a well developed strategy behind it, just like the game of poker. So is the case with roulette, you will have to keep increasing the bets as you keep winning and decreasing the bet as and when you feel that things are not going right for you at the table. Playing responsibly and tactfully is the first and foremost rule to be followed in any casino game, to make sure that you do not end up losing more money than you make. You must also know your spending limit and must be able to realize when to stop. With roulette it is very easy and a common phenomenon to go with the flow and keep on playing, but this can prove to be very risky in terms of losing all your money in the game, hence play appropriately.

Tip 9 – Do not keep using your entire winning amount back on the same table, with a hope to make more money from the next spin. This is exactly how most gamblers lose all their money that they make through the game of roulette. Greed to win more makes people play more and more without even realizing that they are actually suffering more losses than making profits in the game. The excitement level of people that is invested in the game after a certain point of time makes them to make such hasty moves on a roulette table thereby proving to be fatal.

Tip 10 – Finally, be completely aware of all the roulette strategies, tricks and especially the roulette jargons that would help you immensely in understanding the game very closely. There are many websites that would grant you the opportunity to play roulette for free or by downloading specific software on your computer. Use this option to try your hand at the game and get a little bit of practice before you indulge in the actual game for real money.

The more you practice the game the more you will get a hang of the game and thereby also develop a level of confidence for playing it in an actual casino establishment. There are many websites that also offer roulette guides that would give you all the knowledge that you wanted to have regarding this game. Although there are no specific strategies that would guarantee you a sure shot win for this game, but by referring to these roulette guides will definitely give you a much better insight into the game and make you a better player. You will get to know about all the important phrases and terms used in the game, in addition to being aware with all the essential rules and regulations that need to be followed in order to play a fair game of roulette.