Visa Roulette

A very warm & heartfelt welcome to Visa Roulette! Visa Roulette is the market leader in paying money for online roulette playing. Casinos all over the world accept Visa Roulette as their preferred mode of payment. Using Visa for buying casino chips is both easy & safe. If you have a credit card then chances are that it is a visa card. So using Visa for making online payments is the way to go.

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About Visa Card

Visa is known worldwide for its electronic fund transfer service & its reliability in doing so. Visa does not share a direct relationship with their customers instead they provide an electronic fund transfer facility to the various banks & financial institutions & the banks in turn provide their customers with debit, credit or prepaid cards. Visa operates in almost all parts of the world. They are headquartered in San Francisco, California. The card is accepted by all online casinos in the world.