Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette

Benefits of Live Dealer Roulette

Among all casino games roulette has been the one with the slowest evolution, because although it was invented a couple of centuries ago, it suffered minimal changes. Some regarded online roulette as an upgrade, but despite the obvious benefits, some players miss the thrills of the live experience too much. Now it is possible to enjoy the best of both worlds, because live dealer roulette brilliantly combines the convenience of playing casino games from home, with the unique experience of a land-based casino.

Hours of entertainment pass like minutes over the Internet, and all it takes is a couple of mouse clicks to sit down at the table or leave the virtual casino. In addition to the general benefits that apply to all online casino games, live roulette has a couple of perks that are specific to it. Players can choose to interact with both dealers and their opponents, and while the latter are a mixed bunch, the dealers are always friendly and cheerful. It is much easier to enjoy the game whether you win or lose, when those next to you are courteous and always willing to help. If you had lingering doubts about the fairness of the software powering roulette, the live dealers will boost your confidence and allow you to fully enjoy the game.

Okay now, here we gathered the best online casinos which offer the amazing quality live dealer roulette:

Evolution Gaming Live Roulette

Evolution Gaming has been creating software for online casinos since its inception, and just like the name suggests the company is always focused on progress. When it comes to roulette, the obvious step forward is making the transition from regular software-based games to live Roulette and this is exactly what Evolution came up with. These guys definitely have a keen eye for aesthetics and all of their live roulette rules radiate elegance and make players feel like in the main hall of a Las Vegas casino.

Those who are no strangers to live dealer roulette, will immediately noticed that the interface makes you feel like you are standing in front of the dealer when playing. Players can view the roulette in full screen, which further boosts the gaming experience and the ability to communicate with both players and dealers adds to the feeling of authenticity.

Playtech’s Euro Live Roulette

Playtech is definitely an international software developer, which explains why their software powers casinos from all over the world. When the company decided to introduce live roulette to its network of casinos, it made sure that both the European and Asian audience will be satisfied. Playtech’s Euro live dealer roulette was upgraded on December 2010, capitalizing on the existing platform’s strength.

It features a brand-new studio and more professional dealers, so that their players will enjoy the ultimate Roulette experienced no matter where they are used to play. On the technical side, the HD broadcast guarantees a stream of top quality videos, so that no technical glitches can distract players. The name is self-explanatory and European roulette is the one that players can enjoy on this Playtech platform, which is great news given the fact that this is the one with the lowest house edge.

Unlike the European version which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, French roulette can only be played between 5 PM and 2 AM CET. Playtech is all about customization and strives to provide a tailored experience for each of its customers, which explains why players can tinker with different play options even when playing in browser.

Playtech’s Asian Studio Live Roulette

Playtech's Asian Studio Live RouletteSoon after Playtech introduced live Roulette to its European members, it opened a brand-new dealer studio in Makati City, Philippines. In terms of graphics, the major overhaul made the studio on par with its European counterpart and it is fully capable of replicating the true casino experience. While the interface has been improved and both visual and sound effects are flawless, house rules are unchanged.

Those who choose Playtech’s Asian studio live roulette can enjoy French roulette which is the one with the slightest house edge if players know how to use its special rules to their advantage. A features rich interface and an HD broadcast that enables players to see with their own eyes how good the Asian studio looks will help them get fully immersed in the game.

One can chat with the dealer while playing and the response will come quickly and in a friendly manner, so players can enjoy the thrills of the game and make engaging conversation at the same time. Downloads are not required as the browser version of the game is smooth and glitches-free, while players can keep track of their performance and the recently drawn numbers by checking out the history and stats section.

EntwineTech Live Roulette

EntwineTech Live RouletteEntwineTech is a software developer catering exclusively for Asian players, and it recently introduced an impressive range of live dealer games. Roulette is one of them and although the number of players in EntwineTech’s network is lower than what Microgaming, Playtech, or Cryptologic can brag of, the quality of their games is on par with any of them. Not surprising, most of their games have an Asian flavor, but lately Western themed games found their way to EntwineTech’s offer.

If you think that size matters you are in this case right because playing in full-screen window is rewarding at EntwineTech live roulette. The company is proud of the fact that the entire setting accurately recreates the atmosphere in Macau’s Grand Lisboa casino. Even though European or American players might find it a bit too flashy, Asian players will surely feel at home and spend some quality time playing roulette here.

The pros and cons of Live Dealer Roulette

No casino games are perfect and not even an exciting concept such as live dealer roulette is flawless, but the question is whether the benefits outweigh the shortcomings. The games have been around for long enough for us to make an educated decision, but then again players have different tastes and expectations.

On the bright side, players can experience the same thrills as if they were in a live casino, without leaving their house. The wagering requirements are much more affordable, so even those who have only a couple of dollars to spin can still feel like big spenders in a luxurious casino. Any doubts about the integrity of the software and the fairness of the game are waived, which leaves the tiny house edge the only thing to worry players. Last but not least interaction is encouraged and players can engage in meaningful conversation while playing, which is exactly what roulette is all about.

The shortcomings should begin with decreased speed, because the very nature of live dealer roulette prevents players from pushing things into overdrive. You can no longer respin and play hundreds of hands per hour, because everything happens in real time and you need to wait for dealers to do everything manually. Most live dealer roulette games are only accessible for those playing for real money, and although a select few allow players to check out live Roulette for free these are the exception to the rule.

Nothing is perfect but we strongly believe that live Roulette is a step forward for a game that has been enjoyed in land-based casinos for centuries.