Best Bitcoin Roulette Sites

Cryptocurrencies are among the most inspiring developments in online payment systems, with Bitcoin as the head of this revolution. This digital currency has been influential in various aspects and, importantly, the iGaming industry, whereby it is now accepted by a variety of online casinos which use it as secure banking.

We have made Bitcoin roulette special for the players to get into the game without revealing their privacy and their personal monetary information. The Bitcoin roulette game has a lot of merits. The most significant is that most of these Bitcoin casinos provide fair play, meaning that we have enabled players to verify that the results emanating from the site are truly random.

In the past, we did not have this feature, but we have made Bitcoin roulette fair to gain the confidence of our users. The below piece explains how to find these games and what a player can expect when playing at any of our approved Bitcoin online stores.

Top Bitcoin Roulette Casinos

We recommend that you choose the best Bitcoin roulette, the European wheel if you are new to roulette casinos because it has a single zero, meaning its house edge is lower than the two zeros the American Wheel has. It accounts for a comparison of about 2.5% in each spin. For example, if you spin a 5 mBTC x200 in a Bitcoin Roulette session, then on average, the house would have gained 2.5 mBTC more on the American Wheel compared to the European Wheel.

A French Roulette game is a top choice for those who need to accompany their play with outside bets. It has a rule which sees half of the stake returned if the ball lands on zero.

One other Bitcoin roulette game is Common Draw Roulette. This is a multiplayer virtual roulette game. Its spins are timed at 30 seconds, and it has a text chat box to allow chatting with other players. It is found on the European Roulette Wheel. It is important to note that you should hit the confirm button after placing your chips.

Definition of Live Bitcoin Casino Roulette

It is a version of online Bitcoin roulette which requires one to play in real-time with a dealer. Its experience is most similar to the existing online casinos that you can find online. Here, the dealer can chat, smiles, and have a small talk with you while placing your bets. It is common to see Bitcoin roulette sites tradespersons engaging in a live conversation on soccer during the spinning of the ball. It feels genuine, and thus, many casino players engage in live plays because of this interactivity and ambiance.

Our live roulette is the opposite of software roulette, whereby betting is on a virtual table. This game’s fairness is adjudicated by a computation called Random Number Generator (RNG), which ensures that the victory chances are similar to real-life roulette.

Although software roulette has the benefit of speed, the virtual spins make them quicker than the normal roulette. It is perfect for users who need to place multiple successive, low-stake bets within a short period and don’t need any interactions with the tradesman.

Bitcoin Gambling online

Familiarity with Bitcoin eases the process of getting to Bitcoin gambling using Cryptocurrency. You must have a BTC account that will enable you to deposit, withdraw or use them will other online traders.

First, buy some Bitcoin; you can purchase this currency in units known as mBTC. It is a micro Bitcoin worth 1/1000 of a coin. You will need a wallet to hold the currency; if the amounts are small, then a free online wallet will work for you. A wallet can be signed up for and funded through big brand websites by purchasing a Bitcoin. The wallets include BTC-E and CoinBase.

The next step is registering at a Bitcoin casino, which has the advantage of preceding any personal information requirement. When the deposit button is pressed, there will be a string of numbers and letters. This is known to be a Receiver ID from Bitcoin. You will then need to copy that Receiver ID into the wallet before you press the send button. This is what it takes to deposit money and then start to play roulette games. It’s very similar to playing a regular online casino with an e-wallet.

Depositing Bitcoins 
at Rich Palms Casino 
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After sending your Bitcoins payment check the status of your Bitcoin deposit.

Where to Find Bitcoin Roulette Online

You can play online roulette on most online casinos. Many online Bitcoin roulette options are available, and casinos differentiate themselves by offering variations, including Speed, VIP, or double ball roulette. These differences are not usually numerous because they only change one or two details, but the primary data of roulette is always the same; you can win cash if your guess of where the ball will land is correct.

We have strategies to make the roulette odds favorable. The simplest is that you can bet on odd and even houses whereby the winning chance is 65, 48%, guaranteeing a 50% win of your games. As the roulette experience increases, one can be creative and start betting on lines, dozens, and columns. These have fewer winning chances, but one win will result in a significant payout compared to an odd-even strategy.

Is There a Free Bitcoin Online Roulette?

We also have free online Bitcoin roulette, whereby one can play without depositing any monetary element. We have free spins and stress-free, which can also act as a practice session before venturing into online roulette with cash. It will also allow you to test your strategies and establish the ones that lead to more victories. Free online Bitcoin roulette provides the opportunity of playing when one has no finances.

Choosing a Superior Bitcoin Casino Roulette

We have a variety of Bitcoin roulette games, so it is vital to choose a good Bitcoin roulette casino to maximize enjoyment. We advise a player to evaluate a Bitcoin roulette casino category before signing up. The variations of roulette are the American, European and French, and the versions that make things more interesting are the double ball, speed, or VIP.

Consider signing up to a casino that includes all these games to avoid boredom. Once your Bitcoin is deposited in an online casino, the coins will stay there for a while because we have rules such as minimum betting or rollover to be followed before any withdrawal. That’s why making the right choice is essential.

Check out these bitcoin casinos which we have reviewed extensively as well as several other operators.

Are the Bitcoin Casinos Licensed?

Like any other form of gambling or business practice, online Bitcoin gambling roulette also requires a gambling license. This license will serve as the framework to test whether the casino website is safe and it upholds fairness. We license our casinos so that the users can get the chance to verify if it is safe by checking the license. The license is habitually featured on the ‘About’ page or the website’s footer.

If you cannot easily notice the license, you should be cautious because the casino may be aiming to hide something. One can find official licensing units in Malta, Gibraltar, and Curaçao, although other states such as the Philippines and Estonia also license casinos.

Are There Bonuses for Online Bitcoin Roulette?

Usually, most casinos offer their new players bonuses on first deposits in their Bitcoin roulette sites. It is a way of making the new players feel welcomed to the casino and get the urge to continue spinning the balls for a foreseeable big win. Whereas it is not usual to find a bonus exclusive for an online Bitcoin roulette, there are plenty of bonuses for the whole of online casinos, roulette included.

Casinos habitually avail this info on the homepage. We recommend our players assess the terms & conditions of bonuses found to ensure that they agree with the rollover.

A rollover is the amount that must be invested into the Bitcoin casino before withdrawing the wins from bonus bets. Most casinos evaluate this with x30, meaning that if you want to withdraw amounts earned from a $50 bonus, then there must be an investment of $1500.