Play roulette for free

If you’d like to play roulette for free, check out this free European roulette game by Netent below!

Free roulette is the best way to play without breaking the bank — and still enjoy the thrill of spinning the wheel.

Although most online casinos ask for a deposit to play, you can still enjoy free roulette on your computer or smartphone with some game providers.

Roulette for free game


Firstly, wait for the game to load. This should just take a few seconds.

Then, since you play a free game, you can pick any bet you wish (0.1, 1, 5, 10, 100, and 1K) and place it on the board.

You have a full wallet, loaded with 500 credits to bet as you desire on the wheel!

Once you’ve made your mind, simply select where you want to bet on: a single number, odds, evens, reds, blacks… the possibilities are endless!

Then, click on the icon beside the balance to spin the roulette wheel!

If you win, you’ll gain more money in your wallet, but if you lose… well, it’s free roulette anyway, so it doesn’t even matter!

That’s why free roulette games are the best way to put all your strategies to the test, without any risks. Read more below to find out why.

Roulette free practice

One of the most common strategies roulette players use is betting on evens/ odds or reds/ blacks.

That’s because on both, you have the highest chance of winning: 48.65%. That means you’ll roughly win half of your games if you always bet on these houses.

But, what if you want bigger wins?

What if you want to test out a strategy with hot numbers (the most spun numbers on the wheel during a match)?

Or even how many wins you can get from a street bet (3 consecutive numbers on a horizontal line)?

Well, this is the place to try out the odds of your strategies. After all, if you lose nothing will happen. And better to fail on free roulette than on roulette with big bucks on the table.

Roulette apps for iOS and Android

roulette free app

You can find many free roulette apps for iOS (Apple) and Android to play on your smartphone or tablet.

Simply access the app store of your device and type in “free roulette” to find a full list of free applications.

Keep in mind that some apps have extra features that might charge you, so you should always read the description of the app before downloading it.

Free apps are the best way to play roulette on the go, especially if you enjoy a game during your daily commute or even when it’s time to hit the john.

Just be careful that not all free roulette games on smartphones are certified, which means their RNG (random number generator) can be untrustworthy. RNG is the technology that makes sure software roulette games are just as fair as real-life games.

Roulette free casino

You can play free roulette on the websites of casino providers.

Casino providers are companies that develop software and live stream games for online casinos. Netent, Pragmatic Play, and Nucleus Gaming are providers that have free roulette available.

To play, simply access their website and search for roulette games. There will be a “play for free” or “play for fun” option available.

Is it worth playing roulette with real money?

That depends on your goals with roulette. If you play for fun, betting roulette real money spices things up.

The chances of winning big payouts on roulette (especially on variations such as Lighting or Double Ball) can make the game more exciting, rather than just spinning with no risk at all.

You should always manage your expenses though — never spend more than you can afford on roulette and that’s a common rule for any casino game you play.

But is it possible to earn more than you spend on roulette? Yes, but you shouldn’t count on that. Always play roulette as a hobby and whatever money you make, consider it as a lucky prize.

Best casinos to play roulette with money

If you want to invest in the game, we’ve reviewed the roulette games on several, prestigious online casinos.

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