Roulette Deposit Options

To be able to play roulette online for real money you will need to register a player account and deposit money into it.

During the early days of online casinos, to place any deposit, you would be talking to a casino customer support agent over the phone whilst dictating your credit card details and the amount you wish to deposit. Only after that extensive process, you could have started playing roulette.

Nowadays, this process takes a matter of seconds at most without having to wait for an available agent to take your call. This is due to the immense growth of trustworthy online-based deposit options at casinos such as E-Wallets, 3D Credit Cards, E-Checks, and of course the sought-after Cryptocurrency coins which enable you to move money safely online anonymously.

We have detailed in this article the most common payment methods used to place deposits at online casinos:

Direct Banking Methods

Payment transactions online have grown over the past 15 years thanks to various direct banking methods, in this section, we will list some methods available for playing online roulette.


Instadebit started as a payment solution available only for Canadian players, but due to its flexibility people from all over the world embraced it. Now it is possible to use it as a deposit method in more than 30 countries and those who resort to it enjoy the same versatility. The problem is that not many online casinos are as enthusiastic about Instadebit so you might need to dig a bit deeper before finding a suitable place to play the roulette.

Instadebit Logo

Instadebit works in a very straightforward manner as it speeds up the transfer of funds from your bank account to your casino account. By cutting the middleman out of the loop, the costs are also decreased and the entire process is greatly sped up which are all qualities that roulette players appreciate. If you are looking for transactions that happen in real-time and don’t want to waste another minute, you have plenty of reasons to choose online casinos that allow playing roulette online with Instadebit.

For gamblers, this is exactly the kind of method that will help them deposit the money they need to turn from regulars into high rollers, hassle-free. Those who follow a certain strategy when playing roulette might need to fill their accounts immediately to have the resources needed to follow the required steps. While other deposit methods take hours or at least minutes, Instadebit allows them to transfer the funds from their bank account instantly and resume their wagering patterns. In terms of protection, this payment method scores high grades because players need to use their password to authorize transactions.


Giropay works on internet banking. The company works out of Germany and is among the most popular systems in the world. Giropay is accepted in countries such as Austria, Germany, and The Netherlands. Giropay started working in 2006 & by 2008 it had registered a mind-boggling 3.8 million transactions. With Giropay consumers can make payments directly from their bank accounts. The system is widely used by online roulette players. Many online casinos facilitate this payment method.


Mainly used by roulette players from The Netherlands, iDeal is a Dutch-based company that offers direct banking options for e-commerce. This online funding option has been in existence since 2005 and has been witnessing a tremendous increase in popularity ever since. Millions of transactions go through iDeal every year including online gambling. In 2009 alone iDeal saw a record number of 45.5 million transfers taking place.


POLi Payment Method Logo

When looking at the map, Australia and New Zealand might appear to be remote, but good news and quality products travel fast. This is why although POLi was developed by Centricom and used mainly in New Zealand and Australia, it has now spread worldwide. Especially in Europe when Neteller was introduced, this online payment system is very popular, and more merchants add it to their accepted deposit methods every day.

Those who use POLi are showing proof of money rather than paying the merchant straight away because the money is not transferred at the same time as the product is delivered. Sometimes it takes as long as a couple of days for the actual transaction to complete, but thanks to the security measures taken by Centricom, merchants are fine with this kind of arrangement. There is no risk of fraud and hacking attempts are easily fended off because no credit card details or bank information is shared.


As with any online payment system, customers who register for POLi should be ready to provide basic information so that the bank can verify their identity. It is nothing out of the ordinary and when compared to other deposit options, this one is much more suitable for those who value anonymity. Not everyone is comfortable with sharing the fact that roulette games are their hobby, so they like the fact that POLi allows them to fly under the radar while depositing the funds they need to play on real money.

Seasoned roulette players are rarely counting on luck alone and that’s why they use intricate strategies to improve their chances of winning. Not all of them can be sustained during downswings, and there will be many occasions when players will need a way of depositing additional funds immediately. Whether this is a good idea or not, POLi takes care of the technical issues and makes the cash instantly available. The money is transferred forth and back to the bank account just as quickly, so those who are lucky or skilled enough to win constantly when playing roulette will not have to wait long until funds are made available.

E-Wallet Methods

Given the fact that roulette players have now plenty of choices when it comes to enjoying their favorite game on tablets or smartphones, it comes as no surprise that they aspire to have similar perks when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. Electronic wallets are among the most convenient ways of making quick transfers and the amounts are not nearly as important as speed.

There are quite a few of these around today which we will discuss in this section, such as Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz, and Paypal.


Whenever players want to fund their accounts, they can choose between several deposit methods as most online casinos are offering alternatives. Credit cards are very popular worldwide, but electronic wallets are gaining a lot of traction recently and PayPal is one of the leading e-wallets. The company has a reputation to preserve, and this is why players who choose it as their main solution for deposits and withdrawals have a few complaints to utter.

Paypal Logo

Particularly for roulette players located in the United States, this kind of deposit is very convenient because it helps them overcome the obstacles erected by the latest legislation. While the electronic wallets allow them to deposit and withdraw money safely, they have no hidden charges or additional fees in return. Cashing out winnings using PayPal is not only secure but also very quick, so if you plan on covering some real-life expenses with the money made online this is the e-wallet you would want to use.

Naturally, there are some fees that players have to pay for using PayPal, and also some special ones for those who want to speed up the process. For instance, players from the United Kingdom will be required to pay £5 to push the withdrawals into overdrive, but this is rarely necessary since celerity is one of PayPal’s qualities. Roulette players should make sure that the information they enter when opening an account is 100% accurate, to prevent future delays.

The number of people using this electronic wallet is slowly but surely inching closer to 100 million, and once the money fuels the account it can be used for various purposes. Although it is recommended to have a distinct bankroll for playing roulette and shopping online, PayPal helps those who have united budgets. If you are convinced of the usefulness of using this e-wallet, you should know that most online casinos are now offering this deposit option. Among the most popular names, it is worth mentioning Party Casino, Betfair, High Noon Casino, and Win Palace Casino although it is expected that others will join this select group.


Formerly known as Moneybookers which decided to rebrand itself in 2011 to Skrill, they currently sit under the Paysafe group which also owns Paysafecard and Neteller.

Skrill Logo

With Skrill, the user is always in charge of their account and by simply logging in they can deposit money from a credit card, send cash to another Skrill account or fuel their online casino account and play roulette.

The company has also introduced a debit card, which greatly simplifies deposits and withdrawals that use the Skrill account. The only problem is that you can’t simply deposit money on the associated card, but it serves its purpose of facilitating withdrawals. Add to this the fact that the card is accepted in pretty much any location where Mastercard is used, and roulette players will quickly run out of excuses for not using Skrill. It is a versatile and secure way to deposit and withdraw funds and almost all online casinos use it.


Part of the paysafegroup, Neteller payment is designed to keep down the stress & difficulty level when you are purchasing casino chips. Neteller is both safe & easy. Neteller provides you with several options when you are depositing your money into the Neteller account. These options include instant cash, Electronic Fund Transfer, Bank Deposits & Credit Cards. To withdraw money, you can avail of a cheque, Electronic Fund Transfer, or Credit Cards. When you are buying chips in an online casino just make sure the site supports Neteller. Then go to the cashier section and confirm your Neteller account information. If you are a resident of the US then you just have to provide your bank info to open a Neteller account.


If you enjoy playing online roulette and want to stay up to date with technology and are from Russia or Panama you probably like the proposition that Webmoney makes. Even though this is a relatively new payment method, it has the potential to quickly close the gap separating it from traditional deposit solutions. Because it is highly compatible with both computers and mobile devices, Webmoney is the ideal way of transferring funds from your electronic wallets to your online casino account.

What matters the most is security, and although it entered the market relatively recently, Webmoney has a strong reputation for safety. So, save your time and play roulette online with Webmoney.

Therefore, those who intend to use the service should’ve frowned upon the request of checking their identity when registering an account. Given the fact that this e-wallet will open plenty of doors to online acquisitions in addition to the opportunity of funding their casino account.

It is a wise thing not to keep all the eggs in the same basket, but a backup plan such as an electronic wallet is also desirable. Webmoney does exactly that and while it keeps the safety net prepared for players, it doesn’t deprive them of the chance to chase losses when they mean to. It doesn’t take long between the moment an order is placed in a deposit and the time when the funds land in the online account. The fees are smaller which explains why subsequent deposits are not going to set players back.


Formerly known as the prepaid Ecocard, which rebranded itself in 2013 to Ecopayz.

This method works in the same manner as other E-wallets in this article.

It takes only a few seconds until the funds are sent from the prepaid account into the online casino account and roulette chips are purchased. While players shouldn’t be in a hurry when playing roulette, they frequently find themselves in this awkward position and they will appreciate the convenience of Ecopayz. In addition to being blazing fast, this method of depositing funds is also very secure, and the fees are fixed at $10 for bank transfers and 2% for withdrawals.

Cryptocurrency Methods

Cryptocurrencies have become a major thing over the past decade. Whether you view it as an anonymous currency or an asset like gold reserves, its value cannot be ignored nowadays.


Using peer-to-peer technology to manage operating with no central authority or banking system, bitcoin transactions are processed on a blockchain network. We have gone into full detail in this article here solely focusing on bitcoin and how it is commonly used today at online casinos.


Ethereum, also known as ETH, is another blockchain-based network. Roulette players can use this method for both deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, such as Rich Palms, Vegas Crest, BET US, and more.

Bank Transfer & e-Checks

Bank transfer is one of the most popular deposit options for online casinos, and there are very few such establishments that don’t have this option for their members. It is not only one of the least time-consuming solutions, but also one that takes notions such as security to a whole new level. While it is much easier for wrongdoers to get in possession of credit cards and rip off their owners, all the transfers that are made through a bank are virtually risk-free.

Bank Wire Transfer Logo

Roulette players who intend to spend a lot of time in one online casino, will not mind entering some strings of numbers and codes corresponding to their bank. This is a one-time only operation, and after all the data is submitted the online casino will require no additional papers. There is also no need to add a new credit card when the current one expires, and you can rest assured that the transactions are not subject to the same risks as those done through credit cards.

First bank transfer

Although this deposit method is very straightforward and setting up an account should not take more than a couple of minutes, customer support can help with making the first bank transfer.

It’s possible to add a new bank account if you want to transfer the funds to another bank, but what usually happens is that additional papers are required to make the transition. What roulette players should remember is that the first deposit and withdrawal are the most important ones, because from that point onwards things evolve naturally.

It is not difficult to find an online casino where you can play roulette online with a bank transfer, but roulette players can’t go wrong with these top casinos. Vegas Crest, Royal Panda, and Betfair are accepting wire transfers, but players located in the United States should know that only the latter currently accept players from the US.


Usually, when players aim for enhanced security, they trade speed but with eCheck, this trade-off is no longer necessary. While the process is every bit as secure as sending a traditional check, the electronic version is taking it to a whole new level in terms of speed.

eCheck Logo

The first transactions using eCheck were made by people interested in purchasing stuff online, but it was only a matter of time before online casinos embrace it. The reason why transfers are so fast is that the money can be transferred from the bank account to the cashier in a matter of seconds. There is a prerequisite, as players are supposed to supply the bank account number, but this is a small price to pay even by those who are overly concerned about sharing personal information.

eCheck is the natural choice for anyone who plays roulette because if the casino supports this method of payment, there are very few alternatives that come even close in terms of convenience. Speaking of which, Lucky Red Casino, Titan Casino, and Europa casino are a few of the places where roulette enthusiasts can use eCheck for both deposits and withdrawals. Even if you find yourself in the middle of a roulette session and need additional funds to continue the negative or positive progression that your strategy requires, eCheck will help you out.

The funds transfer from the bank account immediately after the player gives the authorization and there are no delays in processing the order. Finally, eCheck doesn’t charge clients anything for depositing or withdrawing money from an online casino, something that no other service provider can brag about. This is the kind of proposition that is virtually impossible to resist, especially with no clear downsides to offset the benefits.

Credit & Debit Cards

Credit & Debit Cards are still the most commonly used method of payment worldwide. In this section, we have gone through the most significant cards.


Visa is known worldwide for its electronic fund transfer service & its reliability in doing so. Visa does not share a direct relationship with its customers instead they provide an electronic fund transfer facility to various banks & financial institutions & banks in turn provide its customers with debit, credit, or prepaid cards. Visa operates in almost all parts of the world. They are headquartered in San Francisco, California. The card is accepted by all online casinos in the world.

Casinos all over the world accept Visa as their preferred mode of payment. Using Visa for buying casino chips to play real money roulette is both easy & safe. If you have a credit card, then chances are that it is a visa card. So, using Visa for making online payments is the way to go.


The popularity of MasterCard lies in it being extremely safe & secure. MasterCard payment products & solutions offer a wide range of card programs that satisfy the needs of every type of customer. The transaction in MasterCard happens in real-time. So, no time-lapse happens while paying with MasterCard. Some of the biggest names in online roulette accept MasterCard. Drake Casino is one such name. But due to the regulation applied by MasterCard online gambling sites are not able to process withdrawals to MasterCard. It can only be used to make a deposit. So just choose the site that accepts MasterCard and start playing real money roulette.

Using MasterCard, you can pay your deposits in a very safe & secure manner. MasterCard is recognized as the safest mode of money transfer worldwide. All online casinos accept MasterCard for transferring money online. MasterCard is undoubtedly the most trusted by all the casinos.

American Express

Well known for accumulating cashback and perks, such as cardholder exclusive lounges in various airports, American Express is regarded as one of the safest deposit options one can find.

All the biggest online casinos in the world accept AmEx cards for making deposit payments. Millions have used it and have been fully satisfied with the efficiency & speed of AmEx cards.

American Express commonly pronounced AmEx was founded by Henry Wells, William Fargo & John Warren Butterfield in the year 1850. AmEx is a legend in the credit card world. The company has a global reach and operates in most countries worldwide. Some of the largest online casino operators accept AmEx cards, such as Betfair and Betsson. With American Express casinos players get the opportunity to earn AmEx reward points by making online casino deposits. Many sites also offer exclusive bonus prizes for AmEx card holders.


There is no safer way of depositing money online without revealing personal information than by purchasing a basic debit card. If you value anonymity and still want to play roulette over the Internet, check out which casinos offer this deposit option. Even though Paysafecard has been operating for more than two decades and is very popular all over Europe, you might find it a bit difficult to find accepting casinos. The reason is that these online establishments are trying to learn as much as possible about their customers and asking for personal information when creating an account is one of them.

Paysafecard Prepaid Card

Those who overcome this initial obstacle should note that before they deposit money into their accounts, they need to acquire the cards from local vendors. These come in different increments ranging from $10-$100 and each of them has a 16-digit PIN that players need to use when depositing money. The main problem with Paysafecard is not depositing the money on the website but operating the withdrawal.

Unfortunately, players can’t use the same card to deposit and withdraw money, but ultimately this is for their protection because anyone could in theory get in possession of the card. It is a trade-off that many roulette enthusiasts are willing to make since it is so easy to purchase the cards and make a deposit. What they should do before completing this transaction is to make sure that the casino provides them with alternatives for cashing out their winnings.

In most cases, the wire transfer will do, as this is regarded by the banks as one of the most secure ways of depositing and withdrawing money. The obvious downside is that to be eligible for such a wire transfer, you will need to provide the online casino with the kind of information that you avoided in the first place. This might appear like defeating the purpose of using Paysafecard but overall, the advantages outshine the shortcomings, and this deposit method remains very popular.