Can You Trust Online Roulette?

Many suspect online casino roulette to be fixed. According to them, some casinos may cheat players by altering the wheel in such a way as to increase profits from each spin. This is an unfounded fear, which could cost casinos their license and reputation. Online roulette is fair and not rigged.

Is Online Roulette Rigged or a Fair Game?

There have been allegations that online roulette games may be engineered to cause players to lose money. While slots pay back a specific percentage of bets placed, roulette involves odds and probabilities which require technical knowledge as well as tools. Thus, any attempts at manipulation would likely fail without advanced tech support and adequate tools available to fake out a game of online roulette. Casinos use random number generators (RNG) to ensure all outcomes are as fair as possible. An RNG produces millions of numbers every second and calculates the probability that certain numbers may appear on either a wheel or pocket – the odds against seeing five zeroes in succession are approximately 1 in 69,343,957! Even live online casino roulette is monitored by independent auditors and licensed gambling jurisdictions, meaning croupiers won’t be able to manipulate the results of spins to defraud casinos. Furthermore, legitimate casinos stand to lose out if they run rigged roulette games. This means there will be minimal motivation for them to do so.

How We Determine a Trustworthy Online Casino

One of the first aspects we look at when reviewing an online casino is its trustworthiness. There are a number of factors to this such as:

  • Real online gamblers reviews left on forums like Casinomeister
  • Appropriate withdrawal periods
  • Responsive customer support
  • Casino games are powered by a software that has been RNG (random number generator) tested
  • Casino holds a gambling license

Trustworthy Online Casinos to Play Online Roulette Games

We have selected 3 of the most trustworthy casinos which are:

BET US Casino

Offering one of the most diverse roulette game portfolios, BET US excel in their live dealer roulette product with many friendly dealers offering their assistance. You will find in both their normal and live dealer sections to contain a european roulette wheel, as well as the american version. Claim 150% bonus on sign up with BET US.

Drake Casino

Here the welcome bonus doubles to 300% on sign up and is valid on your first 3 deposits. Drake has been online since 2012 and services most USA states until this day. Make sure to check out European Roulette on their website.

Rich Palms

Named after the catchy Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Rich Palms offers a generous 250% welcome bonus which can be played through on roulette games offered by RealTime Gaming. They also have live dealer roulette games powered by Visionary iGaming software. You will find the website of Rich Palms Casino here

Is Online Roulette Rigged – How to Know for Sure?

Roulette is a game of chance and luck. However, some players might suspect the game to be fixed for various reasons – most commonly having experienced repeated losses while betting red – however, this should not lead to suspicions of an unfair or fixed game. Another popular reason is having witnessed a “wheel jump”. This occurs when the ball hits one pocket before moving onto another pocket – while this phenomenon occurs more commonly at physical casinos than online regulated ones. There have also been reports of live dealers manipulating the game. These allegations primarily arise from videos showing players who have lost large sums and have made claims that dealers used magnets or brakes on wheels to force certain balls into a pocket – both methods being prohibited by regulated casinos, with serious repercussions if found engaging in them.

Do You Believe Online Roulette is a scam?

Online roulette is a casino game dominated by luck rather than skill. Some players mistakenly believe the house is out to get them and that it is somehow a scam, while this is simply not the case; there are a few things players should keep in mind while engaging in this particular form of gambling. Regulated online casinos should offer odds and payouts that mirror land-based casinos’ roulette games, with any attempts at game manipulation quickly detected by legitimate gambling authorities. Any attempt at game rigging would quickly be detected by these officials. Some gamblers employ certain strategies when playing online roulette to increase their odds of success, including employing the Martingale system – which involves doubling your bet after each loss – to increase their odds. Although this strategy isn’t foolproof, it provides better odds than simply betting red or black alone. Other effective approaches for roulette include using Fibonacci numbers; each number is calculated as the sum of its preceding two numbers.

Is Online Roulette Rigged? – Theory

Many people mistakenly assume that online roulette is rigged due to their bad luck, believing casinos fix the wheel to generate certain outcomes or stop players on a winning streak from continuing to play. Although roulette games can be rigged in real life, due to strict security measures it is much harder online. The casino software is routinely audited to ensure fair play, and these systems prevent any interference with or rigging of games by anyone. When it comes to unlicensed websites offering casino games, however, this possibility exists but is significantly less likely. Routine roulette manipulation may be possible at a physical casino, though this would take considerable effort and would likely involve breaking the law. Instead, players can employ various strategies – including Martingale – to increase their odds of winning such as careful calculations rather than making quick and rash decisions that lead them down an unfair path to failure.

Online Casinos Can Face Great Consequences for Rigged Roulette Games

People tend to believe online roulette games are rigged when they experience an ongoing losing streak, with some suspecting the wheel has been intentionally set to favor red-winning results or that croupiers are intentionally placing balls into black 24 pockets to thwart them. Realistically, though, casinos would face severe repercussions for their attempts at game rigging. Not only would they risk losing their license to operate and being fined heavily by gambling regulators; but their reputation could suffer too as they risk alienating both new and existing customers alike. The integrity of online casino games is protected through independent auditing and testing by groups like eCOGRA and TST, who certify RNG work, payout odds, and overall fairness of games like roulette. Therefore, any licensed online casino attempting to rig its roulette software would face an investigation that would most likely result in losing its license – thus negating any temptation for such institutions to take such risky strategies to make money online.

The House Edge – Casino’s Built-in Advantage

If you find yourself on a losing streak, it can be tempting to blame the casino. However, most casinos do not rig roulette games, similar to slot machines or other casino games; doing so would require considerable time and effort, particularly as there are safeguards put into place to protect players. Casinos that engage in such practices risk both their gambling license and reputation becoming damaged beyond repair; it will take considerable effort for them to recover them both. Instead, focus on developing your own play and strategies to reduce the house edge and increase your odds of winning. Furthermore, learning as much about it as possible and its effects can help maximize your online gambling experience; there are various tricks you can try to beat it like creating a budget, learning about roulette strategy, and practicing regularly.

What Is an RNG in Online Casino Roulette?

Online casino roulette relies on random number generators (RNG) for authenticity. These computer programs generate random series of numbers that are then coded into the virtual roulette wheel – this ensures each spin of the wheel is independent of all previous ones, preventing players from developing strategies and winning more often than their rivals. RNGs ensure that odds for each bet are uniform for all players, eliminating the possibility of any player exploiting the house edge to their advantage – which in some jurisdictions can be illegal. Legitimate casinos often publish their odds and payouts publicly as required by law. There are various online casino gambling options, such as live dealer games and virtual roulette wheels. While one offers real dealers and physical wheels that stream directly into your computer, while another uses random number generation (RNG). Both methods should be safe if provided by a trustworthy operator who is licensed by an established gambling authority.

3 Good Reasons Why Roulette is Not Rigged

  • Contrary to slots where random number generators control pay-outs, roulette is played by humans who can affect its outcome and cause speculation over possible fixing of online casino roulette games. Thus rumors and conspiracies begin surfacing about them becoming fixed.
  • However, no evidence of actual rigging exists within the modern gambling industry. This may be because online casinos are now heavily regulated and players are protected by strict gaming laws. Gambling Commissions like from Malta and UK impose stringent criteria upon operators before awarding their licenses.
  • If a casino is caught rigging roulette games, they risk their license and face potential jail time, so they will do everything possible to avoid getting caught and risk legal proceedings. A cheating casino would quickly lose customers so their focus should be keeping games fair; therefore, players should only visit licensed and reputable casinos which are overseen by credible gambling authorities.

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