Casino strategies aimed at improving your chances

Casino strategiesBecome an all-round Roulette player with some proven strategies

Most of the players who visit a regular casino have their game of choice and won’t spend too much time playing other games, but the temptation is considerable online. There are so many great looking and promising games that it is hard not to check them out, so it’s worth knowing the rules and a few strategies to make the experience more pleasant.

Backing the banker pays off every single time

In the game of Baccarat, the house edge ranges from slight for a backing the players or the banker, to nothing short of a robbery for tie bets. The latter is a massive 14% which make it hard to believe that anyone who is even remotely interested in odds can possibly make this bet. On the other hand, the Banker bet has a house edge of only 1%, one of the lowest in any casino games so as long as players keep trusting the banker to win, they will do fine.

Playing Craps imply a similar decision of betting against the shooter or for him, but once again the right thing to do is to go against the flow. In this case the difference in house edge is almost insignificant between Pass and Don’t Pass bets, with the values revolving around 1.40%. The lingo is more challenging and learning more about the specific terms will take some time. One term that players should get familiar with is the Odds bet, one of the few in online gambling that has no house edge. This bet only becomes available after the player made a pass or don’t pass bet.

The Martingale system in Blackjack and Roulette

One of the oldest strategies is the Martingale roulette strategie and despite the fact that it has been proven wrong many times, it still has plenty of adepts. There are two reasons for why the Martingale is not forgotten or ignored yet, one being its universal applicability and the second its guaranteed success on a theoretical level. The strategy is as simple as it gets, and players are expected to double the stakes each time they lose, so that eventually they win a hand or a spin and offset all the previous losses.

It can be used in both Roulette by betting on one color, and in Blackjack by simply doubling the wager after a losing hand. In the second case the benefit is that in case you make Blackjack on the winning hand, you also win 3:2 the stake which means that the profits are higher. In theory it is only a matter of time until a hand is a winner, but in real life players either can’t afford the next bet or they reach the table cap.

Roulette secrets revealed

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games. There are no sure short ways to win at roulette, but by paying attention to some intricate details to the technique of playing roulette, one can definitely increase his chances of winning. Here are a few roulette secrets that may help you in future:

  • Do not be very certain that what has happened in the past is going to happen in the future in the same manner. After playing roulette for a couple of times, gamblers usually have a belief that they can predict which color would come up the next time. This is a fallacy. Even after several attempts there is always a 50/50 chance of the same color coming up again. This is also known as the Monte Carlo Fallacy.
  • Another major disbelief that gamblers usually have while playing roulette is that if they keep making the same bet on a particular color, they would somehow increase their chances of winning. What they do not understand is that, if they lose they will have to keep increasing the stake each time. This would result in a higher amount of bets being placed every time which is a very big risk, considering the fact that there are no sure guarantees for you to win the next round. This is known as the Martingale Fallacy.