Top roulette systems and winning strategies that will make you rich

Top roulette systems and winning strategies

If you are the kind of person that tries to excel at everything you do, even the game of roulette is something that you will wish to master, instead of relying exclusively on luck. There is no shortage of roulette systems but the ones listed below are arguably the best choice for those who want to turn the game of roulette into a lucrative business.

Win with the oldest roulette strategy

The Martingale System is the most popular roulette strategy, and the reason is that this is not only the oldest system but a very effective one as well. It is ideal for those who prefer bets that have a 50-50 chance of winning, because the stake is doubled after each unsuccessful around. If you have enough money to fuel this system and you play at a roulette that has high limits, it is impossible to lose. Eventually, you’ll win a hand and when this happens you’ll make a profit of one unit regardless of how long the losing streak was.

The D’Alembert roulette system

The main advantage of using the D’Alembert is that this is one of the systems that anyone can master, regardless of how inexperienced he might be and how limited the funds. Players begin by betting one unit and if they lose, the next bet will see them adding another unit and so on until they finally win. Just like the Martingale, the D’Alembert strategy compels the player to return to the initial bet after winning, but in these cases the progression is not that steep.

The Aleksambert is an upgraded roulette strategy

If you found the simplicity of D’Alembert fascinating, then you will probably love the Alekambert system which is basically an upgraded version. It uses the same simple rules, but the difference is that with this strategy players increase the bets by two, three or four units. The reason they do this is to make more money after the losing streak ends, but they need to make sure that they have a sizable budget that will allow them to stick to the plan even when the losing streak lasts longer.

Cover most red numbers and all black ones

This strategy demands the player to bet on the first and the third column, where most of the red numbers are and also place a bet on black. By doing so only four numbers remain exposed in addition to the zero, which means that the chance of actually losing the bet is minimal. The gains differ depending on the outcome, with the most generous profits being recorded when the ball lands on a black number on the 1st or 3rd columns. In case the bet is a loser, players can increase the stake the next round to offset the loss.

How to play roulette and win

Casino Websites are found in abundance on the internet. There are new websites coming up every day, and between so much competition amongst themselves cash bonuses and rewards points are a few promotional offers that these casino websites offer their newly registered members, in order to attract them to join their website as a member.

Roulette bonuses

Different casino websites may give different levels of roulette bonuses, depending on the popularity of the website and the current promotional offer that is on. If you are looking out to find the best ongoing promotional offers on various casino websites that offer roulette bonuses, all you need to do is research through the internet for the same, and you will get a list of websites with their specific bonus schemes on different casino games. You will have to take a wise decision to choose the most trusted and reliable website for joining as a member and creating your account on it.

There are many casino websites that may not be as genuine as you may think. And you will have to be very careful regarding choosing an appropriate one for that matter, as you will constantly need to deposit and withdraw cash from your account from that particular website.