With the Martingale Strategy you can lose money big time

Martingale Strategy for Roulette

Martingale strategyIf you’re looking for a roulette strategy online then you will eventually land on the website recommending the Martingale strategy. It is not only one of the oldest roulette systems, but also one that is very easy to implement regardless of experience, which explains why it is so popular after all this time. What is surprising about the Martingale is that both the supporters and detractors are very convinced that what they say about it is absolutely right. Two things are certain about this system, one that it works only in theory, and second the fact that if you are not careful you can use a lot of money in a single session, it is a very tricky strategy.

What is the Martingale all about

The essence of Martingale is that it is a negative progressive system, which means that players are virtually chasing losses. It is not the way the promoters are advertising it, but this is exactly what the Martingale is all about, at least in a nutshell. Like any negative progressive system, it requires players to gradually raise the wagers during losing streaks, but the problem resides in the amount. Anyone who wants to make this strategy work should be ready to go all the way, otherwise it is all for nothing.

Players start with betting one unit, and the amount is doubled after every losing ground with a string ending the moment the player secures a win. In theory it is impossible to lose if you have enough money and your determination doesn’t falter, because nothing lasts forever even long losing streaks. If you take your time to watch this video, you will hear the one putting the Martingale to the test explain how it is a sure fire strategy.

The Martingale is a recipe for disaster

The simple fact that casinos exist and flourish, should convince players that the Martingale is far from perfect because otherwise players would win all the time. Especially now when the Internet is acting as a catalyst for conveying information, players would pick up the basics and master a profitable roulette system overnight. This obviously doesn’t happen which means that there must be something wrong with the Martingale and instead of jumping headfirst any roulette enthusiast must consider the following facts.

Losing streaks at roulette

Losing streaks of 10 or 11 spins are more frequent than one would expect, and even if the initial unit is of a single dollar, players would be required to bet over $1000 during such a spin. The idea is that no matter how long the losing streak is, when the players finally win they will have one unit more than what they started with. It is easy to imagine what a player feels when he is expected to bet $1024 after already investing $1023 for the sake of winning one dollar.

Many players give in to pressure and put a stop to the Martingale even earlier, which defeats the purpose of following the strategy in the first place. The other problem can be observed by simply watching the video we have linked above, and it has to do with the roulette limit. Most online and traditional casinos don’t allow players to exceed a certain amount when betting on even odds, which means that even if you have the money you can’t play the amounts that you would like to.

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